TV Review: What If…? (S1) | The Multiverse Saga in All Its Glory

Review: What If was an interesting ride with each episode posing their own question with surprising results. The pilot set the tone very well even if for the fans that re-watch The Infinity Saga on the regular it might have seem a bit repetitive. Just like the saga it’s mirror after some episodes held more interest and excitement for me than others, in fact each episode ended up being like the movies with the finale acting as the first Avengers (2012) movie, making this season of the show a Multiverse Saga.

Looking at each episode as a “movie” in the Multiverse Saga I do have my favorites, ones that I’d watch again. The Captain Carter episode, the T’Challa Star-Lord one, the Killmonger episode, and of course the finale are my favorites. However what’s interesting about all of them – more than the story, than the question that episode answered – is the display of powers and abilities. Throughout the season there were amazing action sequences, some more impressive – and of course easier to do in animation – than the movies. We’ve seen characters we know using their abilities and team up in a way we have yet to see in the movies, and that alone is exciting. It opens up some many possibilities for future action sequences in live action.

Another thing that What If smoothly does this season and more so in the Finale, is setting up future threat and heroes to join the live action timeline. I know a Black Widow, a Steve Rogers, or a Killmonger to name a few that would be interesting to bring into live action. In fact, if what I heard about Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is true that pocket dimension won’t be guarded for long.

What If is enjoyable and fun, visually exciting, sometimes emotionally rough and gives us a different look at the characters we know.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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TV Review: What If…? (Pilot) | Review

A.C. Bradley (Head writer) Bryan Andrews (Director)

Hayley Atwell
Josh Keaton
Dominic Cooper

Sebastian Stan
Jeffrey Wright

Review: When I first saw images of this show, I wasn’t impressed by the animation style at all, but enough time has passed since then for me to get used to that What If look and this first episode is so strong that it doesn’t matter. Captain America: The First Avengers (2011) is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that I’ve only seen once in fact it’s my least favorite of the films. However, it didn’t stop me from enjoying this entire episode. I bet that if the 2011 movie was fresher in my mind, it would have enhanced the experience a bit.

The pilot episode does shift the MCU in a new direction by smoothly introducing this what if scenarios. There’s a lot of story in this 30 min episode and it’s not just about the gender bending of captain America but the creation of an alternate universe with a captain that acts and moves in its own way. Captain Carter is a total brawler and yet graceful, it makes for amazing looking fight scenes that have a

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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Patriot Games (1992) | Not Rushed and Easy To Grasp


Harrison Ford
Anne Archer
Sean Bean
Patrick Bergin
Samuel L. Jackson

Based on Patriot Games (1987) by Tom Clancy

The movie is not rushed, it’s atmospheric and calculated without being too complex. It’s not as flashy as one would think but it does its job, entertain. It’s the bad guys versus the good guys, one wants revenge the other wants to protect. The plot is simplified, the action is there but this is more of a thriller. In fact, the fight scenes are almost funny, they over do a bit in some which makes them seem a little campy.

There’s enough in the story and Ford’s acting to convey the complexity of his character but most of the rest are underwritten. That said it doesn’t negate Sean Bean‘s performance. His character is intense and impetuous, which contrast well with Ford’s experienced and judicious Jack Ryan. For some reason I was surprised that the one female lead in Anne Archer wasn’t a helpless bystander that couldn’t cope with what was happening. She had a nice job and held her own when she needed to. I also noted that most female characters were part of the story and not just eyecandy.

Seeing Bean, Richard Harris and Samuel L. Jackson at that time was a bit funny to me. Is it me or does Jackson has a slight lisp in this movie? I think he said in an interview that he used to have one or stutter and I completely heard it in this movie at one point.

Patriot Game is a good one to watch when looking for an easy to grasp thriller with decent action and fine acting.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

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Trailer | The Legend of Tarzan

Reaction: This trailer reveals a little more of the story – even though we kind of know it already – it’s a little more action packed and entertaining than the first one was. I’m mostly interested because I want to see Skarsgard in this role, I think he’s more talented than he appears to be. I’m a little bit more excited about the film, what about you guys?

Jurassic Park


Based on a the 1990 novel by Michael Crichton “Jurassic Park” was direct by Steven Spielberg. The film stars Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson & Richard Attenbourough.


The premise: During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

Review:  Jurassic Park starts off with a glimpse of the danger the dinosaur represents then introduces the characters and the park. The park is first showcased as potential visitors would discover it, they see the dinosaurs, then learn how they’re made, before everything start to go awry.

The film plays with our fears of the unseen because in a good portion of it we don’t actually see the scary dinosaurs being scary. We hear them, we know they are lurking off camera but we don’t actually see them. It’s such a good build up that when we see “the monsters” it’s scary. My heart was racing like the little child I was when I first saw it. The suspense is one of the things that get you, even more than the few jump scares the movie has.

Watching Jurassic Park now  made me realize how smart the plot is. lt plays on concerns people would have if this park was really about to open. Some characters only have dollar signs in their eyes and others see it as something incredible that can turn deadly, which it does but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it could be wonderful.

The special effects in this film look as good now as they were when the movie first came out. My guess is that they used a lot of practical effects, animatronics and great camera shots to make us believe that these dinosaurs are real. It thought me that even the most incredible things can be dangerous.

Jurassic Park is such a good movie, it was for a long time the closest thing to an horror movie that I could watch. The film is great fun and very much enjoyable now, what are your thoughts on it?