Carrie | Entertaining but not Horror Enough

Quick review: I went to see Carrie with my cousin and her friend. I know I saw the orignal years ago but I don’t really remember it. This one was somehow more satisfying  except maybe that I wished the bitch had died a harder, bloodier death, she could have suffered more. Although it was entertaining it was not an horror movie.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

The Descendants | Review

Based on Kaui Hart Hemmings debut novel of the same name, The Descendants was adapted by Jim Rash (Community), Nat Faxon (Reno 911) and director Alexander Payne (Nebraska). The movie stars George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, & Amara Miller.

Premise: A land baron tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife is seriously injured in a boating accident.

Review: I watched the Oscars and other award shows so when The Descendants got all these accolades it peaked my interest but I never got around to watch the film. I now have, and let me tell you I was not particularly impressed, I didn’t connect with the movie. But watching it I understood that people would easily connect with The Descendants. I mean, if you’ve been through or going through something similar this movie could really move you, and touch you like Still Alice did for me this year.

So while part of me does not really understand why George Clooney scored an Oscar nomination for this – I’d have to check out who the other contenders were but I don’t care that much – I have to admit that it is a decent film. It’s simple, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and a bit raw. The characters are easy to relate, in some way, they’re kind of stripped down and feel like regular people going through some though times. 

Like I said, I couldn’t really relate to the film because so far I’ve been lucky enough not to have lost anyone close to me. I know, I’m lucky I am and I do feel like I’ll experience this movie very differently when I eventually go power through a big loss. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not waiting for a tragedy to watch this movie again. All I’m saying is that The Descendants as everything to faithfully depict the aftermath of a tragedy, the frustration, the emotions, the humor, and the relief.

Let me know in the comment section bellow or on twitter what did you think of the movie?

Men, Women & Children | A Freakishly Good Movie


Inspired by Chad Kultgen the novel of the same name and adapted on the silver screen by Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the air) & Erin Cressida Wilson. The film stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Garner, Ansel Elgort, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dean Harris, Judy Greer & Kaitlyn Dever.

Premise: A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.

Review: The film Men, Women & Children is another societal exploration of American / western culture by Jason Reitman. It is a freakishly good movie. I didn’t really know what to expect, to be honest the trailers were not that engaging, but this character driven movie captivated me. It’s a little long and the slow pace is not helping but every minutes were worth the cramp I got on my ass from sitting too long in the movie theater.

Every character had their kinks and quirks, a singularity about them that some people might call one dimensional, I disagree. The message wouldn’t have been so loud and clear if the characters didn’t have a stereotypical aspect to them. By the way what was the message? It sure feels like there’s one but the at the same time it doesn’t feel like it’s patronizing message. I think it is whatever you feel it is, you will definitely leave with something, but it might not be the same as the people who sat next to you. In that sense the movie feels neutral, showing you how it is and how it can affect lives.

The movie is not as heavy as the trailers suggest, well it is heavy but there were light and funny moments that helped not making the film a drag. The way Reitman opened his subject made sense and it was tastefully done. Unlike the web he left some things to the imagination or implied them. The film goes to “scary” places, revealing some heavy uncomfortable things about teenagers, parents, couples, and society. You go to these places because it’s done every so slightly, tastefully, step by step.
It was a great assemble of a cast, there is not a bad performance in this movie. Each of the actors play their part on this beautiful movie that is Men, Women & Children
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How about you guys? Did the movie resonated with you?

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Jamie Marks Is Dead | Review

Directed by Carter Smith (The ruins) and Starring Cameron Monaghan (Shameless), Noah Silver (Tyrant), Morgan Saylor (Homeland) and Madisen Beaty (The Master) is an American drama film based on Christopher Barzak novel “One for Sarrow.”

The Plot: Adam McCormick (Cameron Monaghan) becomes fascinated with Jamie Marks (Noah Silver), a classmate who was found dead by the river by Gracie Highsmith (Morgan Saylor). Nobody really knew Jamie or interacted with him except maybe to bully him. When Jamie’s ghost starts to appear to both Adam and Gracie, Adam forms a deep connection to him, which brings him closer to the world of the undead.

Review: I probably never would have seen this movie now, if it wasn’t for this blog. I mean, it eventually would have caught my attention, mostly because of the castand I’d ended up watching it.

Anyway, the film has an eerie feel to it and I mean that in a good way. The cast managed to keep their performances emotionally realistic to turn the movie into a drama and not an horror movie. Although part of the movie didn’t really make sense to me, like the word thing, WTF? or what happens to Adam’s mother (Liv Tyler). It is obvious that a lot of scenes were cut and that’s probably why I feel weird about this film. I kind of liked it even though I think something’s missing.

If you’ve seen the movie or read the book drop me a line and let me know what you thought?

Men, Women and Children | Trailer

Men, Women and Children, follows a group of teenagers and their parents in the many ways social media and the internet changed their relationships, the way they communicate, their love life, etc.

The movie is out on October 17th (USA), I will probably check out because the cast looks good. its stars Jennifer Garner, Ansel Elgort, Adam Sandler and Emma Thompson. The movie is based on a novel – that I never heard about – by Chad Kultgen, who also wrote the controversal The Average American Male (2007) – I’ve heard of that one! I don’t know if I’ll read the book, I already have so much to read and so little time do it. What do you think?