A weapon is a weapon

You brought roots to a sword fight.

Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) in Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Funny Scene

Abbie Mills : Daniel Boone isn’t he the guy with the raccoon on his head?

Ichabod: How is it that the guy who settled Kentucky is remembered by the modern world as the guy with the raccoon on his head?

Abbie Mills: Probably because there was a raccoon on his head.

Ichabod: Well very rarely. And he’d much prefer a beaver pelt.

Abbie Mills: As much as I would love to discuss, the variety of rodents hats that excited in your day, can we please refocus?

TV Review: Sleepy Hollow | S2 Premiere

Starring Tom Mison (One day) and Nicole Beharie (Shame, 42) as the leads. Sleepy Hollow is an American supernatural | police drama based on the 1820 Washington Irving’s short story “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow.” It was brought to television by Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek 1 & 2) and Roberto Orci (The Amazing Spiderman 2, Van Helsing).


The Plot: Sleepy Hollow is the mordern retelling of “The legend of Sleepy Hollow” that centers around Abbie Mills, a Sleepy Hollow Lt. and Ichabod Crane a 251 resurected Englishman. Together they unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers.


Review: In its first season finale Sleepy Hollow had a lot of shocking reveals and cliffhangers. We left the Abbie, Jenny, Ichabod, Irving and Katrina in such dyer situations that it was hard to picture what was in store for season 2.

The season premiere starts off with very little explanation as to what happened to the characters since we last saw them. It’s a little disorientating and confusing, I was already thinking that the show was heading down a wrong path but that was until the twist. I then started to breathe again as everything started to make since. The producers opted for a nice and gentle introduction to the second season, easing us back into Sleepy Hollow’s storyline.