The Mortal Instruments – or Mortal Adaptations.

Before Shadowhunters premiered I meant to review The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones for my throwback Thursday articles but instead I decided to write one article covering the book, the movie, and the TV show pilot. I know it sounds lazy – and actually it is – but that’s what you get.

Like many people…hum sorry…Like some people I was first introduced to the book series because of the Lily Collins lead film. So I saw the film then read the first book, not necessarily in that order, and honestly thought that the movie was a slight step up to the book. I also read the about half of the second book but gave it up, which shows how hooked I was (-.-). Two days ago, as it turns out I tortured myself to Shadowhunters and City of Bones – the movie. 

Shadowhunters was really hard to watch, I know it’s TV but come on! The show looks fan-made – the bad kind. It looks a bit cheap but I can forgive that but what really bugs me is the acting and the cheese. The acting is miserably ba that I feel like I could have done a slightly better job. It was so horrible that I looked up the actors’ filmography.

I get the changes made to the story, it’s a TV show and it needed something to make it more of a procedural, I have nothing against that. Shadowhunters actually makes a better job at explaining how and why Clary Fray and her mom were located after 18 years. 

Casting-wise, some good choices were made in Shadowhunters, because as good-looking and talented Jamie Campbell Bower might be he was too skinny and shady-looking for the part. The shady-looking thing could have worked for the slight horror movie feel City of Bones has. It’s just a shame that Dominic Sherwood is not as good of an actor. 

From what I remember from book, the show kind of has a leg up on the movie for casting actors that closely resembled, except for Isaiah Mustafa, the characters. But it suffers from the same cliché and corny dialogues, it was bad in the movie, and worse on the show. Shadowhunters’ dialogues took television back a few decades in single episode.

With a casting based on looks rather than talent – y’all look great – I doubt that Shadowhunters will get better or have a second season but I hope so. There – a few – redeeming things in the writing that will help in my giving it a shot. 

What’s your take on it?

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