Brooklyn | Trailer

Review: The cast and I mean the whole cast was the first thing that put this film in my watch-list. Saoirse Ronan is just an amazing actrice, I feel like she’s a bit underrated and doesn’t have the success that a talented young woman like her could have.

The film looks very good, the trailer is filled with beautiful shots and set pieces that instantly take you in the 50s. There’s enough of the story to keeper any viewer interested, and I really got a good sense of the feel of the movie. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen Ronan act in her natural accent so it made it even more interesting. 

Brooklyn seems to be a character oriented film with romance, drama, and uplifting moments, with John Crowley and Nick Hornby at the helm I was not worried about the film but the trailer did it for me, what about you guys? 

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