Unbroken | Poster 2 Study

Unbroken | Poster 2

I’ve said it before, I like when a poster for a film really means something. When you notice what it’s about once you pay attention. Today is the celebration of the end of the second world war so I’m looking at on of the posters released to promote the movie Unbroken. It talks about a very specific region of the war and more importantly of a specific man that survived it. 

In this poster, there’s the same old parchment paper look to the second poster as last time, which again to me implies that it’s an classic – an old story. The Olympic barb-wired rings, the red Japanese islands made to look like a blood stains evoke war, prison camps, and death. But contrary to last time it looks like blood that has been spilled from the rings. To some people the Olympic rings represent the continents and the poster shows one spilling blood. It suggests the casualties in Asia but mostly Japan, at least that’s how I see it, that’s what the blood stains in the shape of the Japanese islands suggest. 

If you look closely the Olympic rings you’ll see that one is spewing with blood and another is also touched by it. I’m not saying the war was only between two continents but the fact that it spills over another rings suggest to me that others were affected by the war.

OK, I’m stopping now because I can go on and on about it, I see a whole history in this one poster.

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